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Do you have at least some idea what else occurred in the previous month that I’m certainly not lying about? Year’s end, yes! Pretty much nothing remained to be hung tight for them, recollect 2021! This time Dmitry Burdukov administered this self-important occasion, and, as certain individuals figured out how to see, films in the screen life sort could well move him to make the idea of the video. Films shot in the way of recording from the work area don’t generally come out well, yet Itogi this organization proved to be useful. While watching, you might try and get the inclination that we are keeping an eye on an arranging meeting.

The creators last time satisfied us with strange prompts the consequences of the vote

Proverb Milyazev, for instance, chose to stay aware of the style for similarities and talked about the candidates for Strategies of the Year with the assistance of (actually no, not food) chess! Considering that the pieces “eat” one another, might chess at any point be considered a culinary metaphor. Vasya moved toward the shooting of the episode shared with him with his standard executive vision, Jan played out a mind-boggling front of the best melodies of the rounds of 2022, the full rendition of which we are as yet sitting tight for, and there were likewise felines! I won’t discuss outlines and different leads, as I actually prescribe watching the Outcomes to all standard Stop Game watchers. Regardless of whether the arrangement or tone of humor work for you, there’s as yet something different that you may be keen on.

Counterfeit see hanging tight for counterfeit stream. Hidden goodies! The creators figured out how to conceal a ton of little subtleties in the video: some of them are simply entertaining references, which you can get a grip of provided that you stop. It’s ideal to see, for instance, the notice of By means of Vasyanov in Flynn’s “plan for the day”. Be that as it may, there are more strange finds, the meaning of which is too soon (or no more) to discuss. So, the Stop Game etymologists can have a great time gathering every one of the mysteries. You can peep or talk about some of them in EXTREME_STOPGAME. Yoh!

Jan’s had opportunity and willpower to emerge Unadulterated rapture

Much thanks to you for following my continuous flow as far as possible. Congrats to every one of the women on the past Spring eighth, and furthermore on (Zhenya, remember to observe some amusing occasion in Spring and add it here). Please accept my apologies assuming my phony news gave you any expectation, I guarantee that not at all like this will happen at any point in the near future! The very best and before correspondence (however this is improbable). Extraordinary thanks to Purpl3, SGrach, and Talk GPT for their assistance with this delivery.

Have you saw that the YouTube channel has changed its name to “Stop Game – About computer games!”? The postscript showed up so that game sweethearts could all the more frequently find Stop Game in the web search tool. For the Occupant Fiendish 4 Redo stream, Vasya didn’t cut his bangs for a very long time to seem to be Leon. Shockingly, at the AMA with Dmitry Burdukov, he was never mistaken for Wes. Vasily Rusyaev will impart to Daur his obligation regarding the arrival of the Last Dream History series – he will compose the content, shoot film and record voice acting while Daur attempts to peruse the manuals in Japanese. A slam working in a bathhouse will be known as a drummer.

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