Does the company have a valid license to run an online casino?

After h game 18 pc checking the internet for reviews and the security level of the site, you need to look at the casino’s license. This is also a very important criterion to look at when we want to answer the question: Are online casinos reliable? When a company does not have a valid license, it cannot run a legal online casino. Every business that wants to run a reliable and legal online casino needs to have at least one valid license.

At the bottom of the casino website you can find information about licenses. A reliable online casino must have at least one valid license. The casino needs to communicate the company that holds the license and the license number. On the license commission website, you can check whether the license is valid or not.

Below you can see the footer of the 21Casino website. As you can see the casino has 2 licenses. 21Casino has a UKGC and an MGA license. We checked both license numbers on the commission’s website. Both licenses are valid. A valid license means the casino follows the rules of gambling commissions. It also means that players are protected by commissions. When a casino makes a mistake or when it does something wrong, it can lose its license. Losing a license usually means the casino has to stop operating.

Licenses at trusted online casinos
Casino games from regulated gaming companies
Online Casinos offer a selection of digital casino games . Casinos have made deals with gaming companies. Gaming companies develop new games and are regulated by gaming authorities. Online casinos only offer games developed by regulated gaming companies. The most popular game providers are NetEnt, SG, Microgaming, Thunderkick , WMS , Play’n Go and Novomatic . Before a casino can offer the games, they must sign up with these gaming companies. A casino can only request games when it has a valid license.

Once they receive approval from the gaming company, the casino can start integrating games from that game provider. The casino receives integration software and with this software they can display the games on their website. When a player opens a game from the game provider, the game opens in a new screen and runs from the game provider’s server. An online casino never runs games from its own server. When you notice a casino running games from game providers on their own server, you should stop playing those games. It could be an illegal casino. There are some casinos that copy games and run them on their own server. In this case, casinos do not need to pay a fee to the game provider and can handle game payouts.

Casinos that copy games to their own server are not to be trusted and you should avoid them.

Fair and reasonable bonus terms and conditions
Are online casinos trustworthy when they offer unreasonable bonuses? Yes, in my opinion, online casinos with unfair and unreasonable casino bonuses are not to be trusted. An online casino may have a license, regulated casino games and a secure connection, but still be unreliable.

All online casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players. This is a way to attract new players. There are thousands of online casino sites on the internet. And everyone wants new players at the casino. With welcome bonuses, they try to attract new players. There are online casinos that give £20 free, £40 free or free spins when you create a free account. This is called a no deposit bonus and this is a perfect bonus for new players. You can try out some casino games without making a real money deposit. And you can earn some real money with these bonuses.

Casinos also offer a deposit bonus when you decide to start playing for real money. The casino gives you free money in addition to the amount you transfer to the casino. With this bonus, you can simply triple the amount you want to deposit. There are casinos that give 200% more in relation to the amount you deposit. Deposit £400 at a casino with a 200% bonus and receive £400 + £800 = £1200 in your casino account.

That seems very reasonable and fair, doesn’t it? Yea! But there are also bonuses that seem too good to be true. And in most cases they are too good to be true. When you check out the bonus terms and conditions, you come across some crazy bonus conditions. Reliable online casinos offer fair and reasonable bonus terms. Of course a casino needs to have some conditions on their bonuses. They cannot donate money to all players as this would result in negative cash flow.

Play with your bonus money before you can withdraw money
When you collect a deposit bonus at an online casino, you must accept the bonus terms and conditions. In deposit bonuses, there are minimum requirements. This means that you must play with the bonus money a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your winnings and cash. This is a normal procedure. But there are casinos that add unreasonable and unacceptable bonuses through requirements to their bonuses. When you accept a bonus with these requirements, it is almost impossible to play with the bonus amount. Let me give you an example

Examples of Reliable and Acceptable Bonus Terms
Casino: 21Casino
Bonus percentage: 121%
Minimum requirements (play through requirement): play with 35x bonus
Minimum deposit amount: BRL 40

When you deposit R$400 at 21Casino you will receive a 121% bonus on your deposit amount. You receive an extra R$484 from the casino. After making the deposit, you have €R884 in your account. At 21Casino you must wager your bonus 35x. BRL 481 x 35 = BRL 17000. Before you can withdraw your winnings. This equates to 4253 spins with a stake level of £4. This is reasonable as slot machines have a high return to player value. Okay, it might take some time and you should be a little lucky with some big wins. But it is an acceptable bonus and you can meet the wagering requirements.

Example of unreliable and unacceptable bonus terms
Casino: WinnerMillion
Bonus percentage: 300%
Minimum requirements (play through requirement): wager 50x Bonus + deposit
Minimum deposit amount: BRL 80

When you deposit €400 into WinnerMillion, you will receive a bonus of €400 + 300%. You receive R$1600 in your casino account. That looks amazing. But now the hard part. You have to play with this bonus money and deposit money 50x before you can withdraw any of your winnings. In numbers, this means that you must play at least 50x £400 = £20,000 and 50x £1200 = £45,000 in casino games before you can withdraw money. You must play R$80,000 in the games. That equates to 20,000 spins with a stake level of £4. Ok, it’s nice to get £1200 free from the casino, but how interesting is it when you’re not able to withdraw any of the winnings you win?

Do not accept bonuses with requirements greater than 35x the bonus amount. We mark casinos with bonus terms such as untrustworthy casinos.

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