How European Roulette Is Distinct From American Roulette Played Online

Almost every online casino offers European roulette; here we’ll go over the differences between the two versions.

Roulette – European Online

Throughout history, the United States and Europe have stood in stark contrast to one another, symbolizing contrasting ideologies, worldviews, and methods. That’s why it’s fascinating to compare and contrast the ways things are done in the US and Europe. Comparing online European roulette to its American version is an intriguing contrast in and of itself.

What are the key differences between American and European Roulette played online?

It could be difficult to tell at first glance if a roulette table on a casino website is offering European roulette or not. If you’re playing European roulette online, you might see some French text instead of English or see a little different layout of the betting sections compared to American tables. But, these aren’t universal features of European roulette tables, so don’t take them as a sign that you’re playing European roulette. You can tell a European roulette table from any other kind of roulette played online by looking for two specific features. The first of these clues is the fact that, unlike American roulette, European roulette has one fewer space on the wheel. You’ll also notice that there is no 00 pocket on an online European roulette table. Second, the en jail rule is used by almost all online European roulette games. Instead of losing your stake outright, as happens at tables that don’t follow this regulation, you can either leave it for the next spin or cash it in for half its value if the ball falls on 0.

What changed for them to become distinct?

In America, the land of opportunity, the streets are covered with money; in Europe, it is impossible to win at roulette. This is only one illustration of how America differs from Europe. The traditional European roulette game wasn’t profitable enough for the American gaming room bosses when it arrived with the immigrants and spread across the country as the frontier moved. So, they added an extra zero and did away with the en prison rule to increase the house advantage. The online European roulette game has stayed faithful to the original game that was brought over on the boats, with these alterations having survived the ages.

In a nutshell, what does it entail?

This results in a far larger house advantage for American roulette tables compared to European ones, in terms of real practicality. In conclusion, players benefit more from playing online European roulette. Now that you know why and how to distinguish between the two, you can confidently play this game and take advantage of the improved odds it offers.

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