How to avoid gambling addiction at an online casino

Online Bababa99 casinos are very popular right now because you can gamble anytime and anywhere. You just need a computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection and you will be able to play online casino games . For the people around you, it is very difficult to notice that you are betting. It is easier to identify a gambling problem when you visit a casino or when you bet with bookmakers . People around you cannot see that you are playing casino games because you can play at home or at work. You can even open an online casino while traveling or while sitting outside your home.

Online casinos have many tools that can help you to avoid gambling addiction and gambling problem.

Self-exclusion – Reliable online casinos offer a self-exclusion tool on their website. With this tool you can exclude yourself from the casino. When you activate this tool, you cannot make deposits at the casino or you may be blocked from entering the casino.
Setting Limits – Online casinos often provide a responsible gaming tool for players. With this tool you can set limits for yourself in the casino. You can set time limits, deposit limits or loss limits. This is a good start to avoid gambling addiction and gambling problems. You can set certain limits on amounts per deposit. When you set a limit of £300 per week, you cannot deposit more than £400 per week. This means that you can only lose £400 per week at the online casino.
Responsible Gaming Teams – At safe and reputable online casinos, there is a responsible gaming team available. Members of this team try to identify problem players in their casino. They have some identifiers that can flag a problem player. When they get some signals, they get in touch with the player before he becomes a problem player.
Confirm your account – Before you can start playing for real money, you need to confirm your account. This is important because the casino knows who you are after confirming your account. When you are identified as a problem player, the casino can take action.
Stopping an Online Game – This is a new initiative by the international gaming commissions. As a player, you can register on this site. Once you do this, you will not be able to sign up or play at any of the casinos connected to that organization. The organization shares your personal data and when you want to enter a casino you are rejected.
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Some facts and myths about gambling problem and gambling addiction
Myth : When you have a gambling problem, you are unintelligent and weak
Fact : Intelligent and highly educated people are just as likely to become addicted as people with low education. There are people with gambling problems with all levels of intelligence.

Myth : You should help players who have accumulated debt
Fact : It’s smart to help players with debt. But in most cases, it’s not smart to help them solve their financial problems. Paying off your debts is a quick fix, but not the best long-term solution. When a problem gambler is out of debt, he can start making new debts. You can better help the player to solve his game problem. Let him settle your financial debts. support him with that

Myth : A gambling partner or friend can drive that person to gamble
Fact : A problem gambler is not responsible for his actions. Blaming a friend or partner is one way to avoid responsibility

Myth : Addicted and problem gamblers gamble every day
Fact : Gambling is not a problem when a gambler gambles every day. It becomes a problem when it starts causing problems. We know players who only play for a month. But when they play, they play a lot. These players cause a lot of trouble for the people around them. They lie, get into financial trouble and are abusive.

Reasons why gambling can lead to addictions and alternatives to gambling
There are many reasons why people start playing games. Every player has their own reasons. To avoid gambling addiction and problem gambling, it is important to identify these reasons. When you have identified the reasons you have to find alternatives and substitute for these reasons. When you have alternatives, you can stay away from the game and future problems. Below you will find the most important reasons why people start playing. We’ve also added some other alternatives for you.

Excitement and Adrenaline – Find an exciting hobby or sport. Ask your friends to join you and use your free time with these hobbies and sports. Try cycling, swimming, skiing or even rock climbing.
Earn money for new things – The house always wins! This is a well-known phrase in the casino industry. It is true. The longer you play, the greater the chance the casino will win. There are other options to collect more money for cool stuff. Do better at your job and try to get higher wages. Try to save some money and use that money for fun things in the future.
Boredom – Try to find out what you like. Find something you are passionate about and ask friends or family to do it for you.
Unwind after a stressful day – Try to get some exercise. An exercise that lasts 30 minutes can relax you and take your stress away.
Solve Your Financial Problems – When you gamble at a casino or sports betting site , the odds are stacked against you. Find friends or family and ask for help to solve your problems. Gambling is the worst way to solve financial problems
Friends who gamble – Avoid friends who gamble a lot. Find other friends or family you can do other things with.

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