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As Wild Coaster we are all aware, having a mobile version of your casino website is a must for every online casino nowadays. As we do more and more on our mobile devices, online casinos can not stay behind in this! We see that over a third of all players are playing via a mobile devices such as an iPhone, and this number is growing every month! Are you not fully aware about the whole fuss around mobile gaming on Iphones? No worries, we got you! Even if you don’t own an iPhone, there is plenty to learn about mobile gaming in general. Let’s start with some general information!

There are two sorts of online gaming on your mobile device, below we will explain the two to you:

Gaming via an online site which scales to the size of your iPhone Screen
Gaming via a mobile application, provided by the online casino
Gaming via an online site

An iPhone Casino is actually a website you can open on your iPhone. The website is developed for use on your iPhone. This basically means that their ‘normal’ webbased website will scale in size untill it fits your Iphone screen. Since this screen can be a lot smaller, the casino site looks different when you open it on your website. On an iPhone you see less information, or you see the information in a different order. You see the most important things you need. The screen of an iPhone is much smaller than a standard desktop screen. So it makes sense that iPhone casinos only show you the things you really need.

When you open a casino website on your iPhone you see a registration form (when you are a new player) or a login form (when you are an existing player). And you see an overview of the available games and promotions. At the top of the website you always find a deposit button and a link to your casino account. You can swipe through the games and open the game you like to play. When you want to find more information besides the games, promotions and banking options you can open the iPhone casino menu.

On your iPhone you can also open the desktop version of the casino. We recommend you to not switch between iPhone and desktop Casino because desktop casinos are a pain in the ass on the small iPhone screens.

Gaming via a mobile application

Some casinos will go one step further with their mobile experience, and create a full mobile application. This is an app you can download in Apple (app) store. This can be similar to the online casino website, but then converted into an application. This will make your mobile experience much better since the application is also able to communicate with other functionalities on your phone. For instance, if you also have a banking application on your phone, it will be easier to make deposits, since the mobile casino app is able to directly communicate with the banking app, if you give permission for the app to do so. Mobile applications are much more friendly for the user experience. This is why it’s extremely popular for online casinos to create an app for themselves. We see this happening at a lot casinos listed on our page. More and more online casinos invest into a mobile application.

best iphone casino with over 2000 different games
Available games for iPhone
At the moment there are over 2.000 different casino games for iPhone. You can play all the games for free when you open a casino on your iPhone. When you want to play free games you don’t have to sign up at a casino. Simply open a casino and choose a game you like to play. Choose the free play mode and you can play the game. Video Slots are very popular iPhone casino games because gaming companies develop unique designs for iPhone use. The games fit your screen in landscape and portrait view. Gaming companies also develop special iPhone versions for Blackjack, roulette and Poker.

Gaming provider NetEnt recently launched a real iPhone live casino function. Live Casino is very popular at the moment. A live casino is a section of the casino website where players can play popular casino games on real tables. When you open a live casino game you see a real table with a real human dealer behind the table. This table is actually located at a real land-based casino. You can see the table with a camera connection. When you have real money in your casino account you can play at live casino games. The big advantages of live casino games on your iphone are:

You always have a place on the table you like to play at
On your iPhone you can play with lower stakes then at land-based casinos
You have the real casino experience while sitting in the comfort of your own house
It is possible to have a chat with the dealer behind the table
You see what happens on the table. The dealer shuffling the cards or spinning the roulette wheel

Only play at iPhone casinos with a secured connection
best iphone casino security and safety
It is very important to look at the security and safety of an iPhone casino before you decide to register an account. There are still online casinos without a secured internet connection. It is very dangerous to register an account at these casinos because we cannot guarantee that your data is safe. Internet hackers can get hold of your personal data when you share it with an unsecured casino website. Your data is worth a lot of money for hackers. When they get their hands on your data they know you like to gamble online. And that is very valuable information because they can sell your data to other online casinos.

On your iPhone it is easy to see if a casino uses a secured data connection or not. Most iPhones give you a warning when you enter a website with an unsecured connection. You can also check it in the address field of your browser. You see a lock in that field. When the lock is closed you know that the website uses a secured connection. Only play at iPhone casinos with a closed lock.

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